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Data Management and Material Output

Phenom Films DIT Data Management and Material Output gives technical supports and material output for practical filming phase. Professional technologies are used to assist practical filming and ensure data security.

TianGong editing

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Phenom Films Editing can provide full editing and 3d editing services for film & television works. By using its professional skills, it can cooperate with the director to carry out second creation.

TianGong Voice

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Phenom Films Sound is a professional film sound studio is a result of strong cooperation between Phenom Films Beijing and Kantana Sound Studio of Thailand.
Phenom Films Sound provides customized services for global customers to adapt to the diverse production scale and budget of film projects. Specifically, it provides high-quality and creative sound solutions for all kinds of film projects.

Data Management

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As an agent for scenery shots materials, we are committed to providing high-quality scenery shots materials agency and authorization service for outstanding films. We can also provide customized shooting services according to customer needs. Materials are from the world's excellent film works, aerial filming team of corporate partners and well-known photographers. The content covers nature, urban, animal, art and other fields.


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Phenom Films Coloring has a team with over ten years of relevant experience, making it one of the earliest teams in China for digital coloring. The team has provided services for a total of over 800 film and television works, including more than 100 excellent Class A cinema films. As senior colorists of Baselight and Davinci coloring platform, the team members have independently built an advanced industrial-grade process for digital coloring and a scientific color management system. They have a broad vision of cutting-edge technologies and rich experience in film coloring.
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