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Mr. A. Creative Director

He has been engaged in editing, creative design and visual guidance for many years, and has a unique understanding of visual expression...


Huang QianRead More

Huang Qian

Having been engaged in the film and television industry for over ten years, he has rich experience in post color correction and has worked...

Cai Yaohui

He has devoted himself in light sensation and color mixing of scenes to assist directors and film photographers. He can find original...

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Li YanRead More

Li Yan

A steady, passionate and creative person with rigorous working attitude, able to flexibly solve the problems...

Editing Team

Editor Zhang WeiliRead More

Editor Zhang Weili

He has cooperated with many domestic well-known golden production teams and directors.

Editor Dai Zong

Keen on perfect multi-style audio-visual performance and editing skills, good at reorganizing the narrative structure of the film using existing materials on basis of the script and playing the greatest possibility of these materials, providing a variety of editing solutions and advice for the director.

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Editor Li Xusheng

He has many years of work experience in film and television field and has participated in editing of many advertisements, film trailers, documentaries and main films.


Tu HaoRead More

Tu Hao

During his 15-year experience in this industry, he has worked with many domestic and foreign directors, producers and film production teams···


Film sound director, sound designer, re-recording mixer. With many years of experience in the sound industry, he has worked with many international directors...


DIT Engineer

Sun ChangyongRead More

Sun Changyong

With 12-year of experience in this field, he knows very well the production process of both traditional and digital film and can formulate reasonable & practical procedures.....

Hao Zijian

With 7 years of experience in DIT, he has participated in and supervised many QTake projects. He is familiar with editing and DIT...

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