Visual effect pre-development

As an early dreamer of a film, Tiangong's visual conceptual design is committed to providing the director with solid images, setting the tone of the whole film
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Film visual effects production

Under the background of more than ten years of professional special effects production, Tiangong film visual effects production devotes itself to visual effect design, development, production and management.
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Visual effects production

Tiangong Opera Operating Center escorts the program with film quality. Set up a special network drama production, matching management process, handover norms, production process. From the early conceptual design, mirror design, preview design.
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wuxi rotopaint /layout

Based on 13 years'experience in the visual effects industry, Tiangong combines the advanced management methods in the international visual effects field with the characteristics of the Chinese visual effects industry
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Research and

The technology center has many senior industry experts, covering all aspects of film and television production. Adhering to the combination of technology and art, cross-industry integration
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